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  • Yellow Pages Network Network

Service description

Based on your Yellow Pages Network company profile and website, we create company profiles on the national Yellow Pages Network websites. Benefit from the online reach of the websites and acquire new customers throughout World.

International B2B
Your company profile is displayed in search results

In 50 countries throughout the World

Number of products you can add to your
online products catalogue


Your detailed contact information is displayed in
your company profile.
You present your company with your corporate
You can manually place as many product, company,
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You can provide videos and PDF product catalogs.
Premium business page
Disabled custom advertising on your business page
Your company will be displayed on the first
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High international visibility on
50 Yellow Pages Network websites worldwide
International SEO
119.95 USD / month
Price for startup company
For companies that are less than 2 years on the market
29.95 USD / month
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